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Comfort Harvest trimming apron

What is the Comfort Harvest trimming apron?

The Comfort Harvest trimming apron is an ergonomic breakthrough for gardeners.  It keeps your harvesting work close to your body, eliminating reaching and poor posture.  Studies of office and medical environments show that a reclined, supported posture is the best posture to maintain for long periods of time.


The apron features a removable, wipeable bib, which overlaps a plastic liner (not included) to keep the apron clean, and to prevent cross-contamination among multiple harvests.  The apron is designed to fit a standard tall kitchen garbage bag, (custom liners coming soon.)  Also featured are adjustable neck and waist straps, along with dual pockets for trimming scissors.

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Why Choose Comfort Harvest?

At Comfort Harvest, we've crafted the perfect solution for your cannabis trimming needs, and so much more! Our Comfort Harvest apron is not just a trimmer's tool – it's a versatile companion for various harvesting tasks.


Multi-Purpose Design

While the Comfort Harvest apron was initially designed for cannabis trimming and manicuring, its potential knows no bounds. It's a handy tool for collecting fruits, vegetables, and flowers, making your harvest easier and more convenient.

Customizable Fit

We understand the importance of a comfortable and secure fit. Our apron is equipped with adjustable neck and waist straps, ensuring it conforms perfectly to your body, no matter your size.

Efficient Receptacle

Located at waist-level, our apron features a receptacle that simplifies the collection process. Designed to accommodate a plastic liner, it not only keeps your receptacle clean but also makes item removal a breeze.

Comfortable Posture

One of our core objectives is to provide a comfortable experience. Whether you're sitting or standing for long periods, our apron allows you to maintain an ergonomic posture. This translates into a more pleasant and productive trimming experience, which can ultimately pay for itself.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

We take cleanliness seriously, especially when it comes to cannabis strains. Our removable bib overlaps the plastic liner, ensuring trimmings slide seamlessly from the bib into the liner without ever touching the fabric apron, preventing cross-contamination.

Easy Clean-Up

Say goodbye to sticky residue headaches. The Comfort Harvest apron includes a wipeable, removable bib. Cleaning is a cinch with a solvent, ensuring that your apron stays in top shape for years to come.

Ergonomic Benefits

Empowering Workforce Well-being for Long-Term Success

Improved Working Conditions

Workers may be more willing to engage in tasks for longer periods, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.



Reduced Risk of Injury

Minimizing the risk of injury can lead to a healthier workforce, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the overall well-being of workers.


Attraction and Retention of Labor

Companies that prioritize their workers' well-being can attract and retain skilled labor in a competitive job market.



Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations

Using products that enhance safety and comfort can help companies meet legal requirements and industry standards.


Positive Industry Reputation

A commitment to worker safety and comfort can improve the reputation of both the product manufacturer and the companies using the

Comfort Harvest Apron

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