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Comfort Harvest trimming Apron

Comfort Harvest trimming Apron

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What is the Comfort Harvest trimming apron?

The Comfort Harvest trimming apron is an ergonomic breakthrough for gardeners.  It keeps your harvesting work close to your body, eliminating reaching and poor posture.  Studies of office and medical environments show that a reclined, supported posture is the best posture to maintain for long periods of time.

The apron features a removable, wipeable bib, which overlaps a plastic liner (not included) to keep the apron clean, and to prevent cross-contamination among multiple harvests.  The apron is designed to fit a standard tall kitchen garbage bag, (custom liners coming soon.)  Also featured are adjustable neck and waist straps, along with dual pockets for trimming scissors.
Color, blue
apron material, waxed cotton duck
bib material, vinyl
dimensions:  26 x 14 x 11
(one size) 
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